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Jane 7th Sep 2019 Activities Co-Ordinator
I have been asked to present a non-religious Harvest Festival celebration to my residents! Any ideas of how I could achieve this would be so helpful.
Susan 8th Sep 2019 Activity Director
Hi Jane
I hope this is going to be an interactive presentation because you will get the best results and more residents paying attention if it is interactive
You need to decide on a date
You and the residents can make decorations
I would start the presentation by telling the residents what you’re going to be doing at the presentation it is my understanding that a harvest day festival is something like Thanksgiving so you can use this type of theme to make the presentation you can also talk about harvesting crops and farmers
Here are some ideas on Golden Carers

You may want to start with a non-sectarian non-religious prayer thanking everyone and giving thanks
I like to integrate music into a program so
Sing a welcome song
Then ask some residents what they are thankful for
After you talk to a few residents sing another song about harvest or Thanksgiving
Keep alternating a song and why residents are thankful for what they are thankful for
Then you can discuss food you eat at a harvest celebration
You can discuss farming and farmers related to harvesting
You can end the program by serving a harvest treat of your choice

You and some residents may want to make some invitations to this presentation so you can get everyone excited about it

Instead of singing songs with the group you could have a resident Choral Group
Decide on a list of eight or 10 songs in the choral group will sing
This could be an activity
The residents in the group well certainly want to come to presentation
I always allow anyone who wants to be in the choral group the day of the presentation even if they did not practice
I hope this helps
Let us know how the presentation goes thanks

Jean 15th Sep 2019 Activities Coordinator
We create a display with bales of hay, a wheelbarrow, apple crates, etc.
The residents really enjoy filling sacks with scrunched up newspaper we then put a layer of produce ion the top for example potatoes or beans.
We add different shaped loaves of bread that have been air dried, fruit & veg such as pumpkin and marrow as well as some flowers..
The display is an amazing selection of textures and aromas and is left in the lounge for about a week.
Jane 21st Sep 2019 Activities Co-Ordinator
Thank you both for your ideas, very much appreciated.

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