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Christine 28th Jul 2012 Lifestyle Support Officer
Hi Sandra,
Most if not all facilities have a fund (comfort fund etc) which is the residents money held by the facility for the residents use. Any coffee, meals etc bought when out is paid from that fund. If the resident doesn't have a fund they need to pay for themselves. If the function is quite expensive e.g. a boat cruise we hold various in-house raffles and fund raisers to pay for it or at least supplement the cost. Don't plan anything involving too much walking as they usually are too tired for it. You might also want to try and build up a professional network with other RAO/DT in your area and exchange visits by the residents eg invite them to your facility for morning tea and have the favour returned. Also try and have your outings in the morning when everyone is rested and eager to do something different. Good luck! Christine

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