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Bronagh 30th Oct 2019 Activity Therapist
Hi all,
After some advice. We have a lady here, who does nothing but walk up and down the corridors all day. She sometimes hits for no reason, will hit if you try and help her get out of her chair, and generally seems angry. Wondering has anyone else found an activity or diversion with a resident who has similar habbits as this? She has responded to balloon game sin the past and some singing, but thinking of something that can help break her out of this cycle. Any advice will be great!
Many Thanks!
Solange 30th Oct 2019 Diversional Therapist
Hi, Bronagh, challenging behaviour is really complex to understand. Don’t feel guilty, sometimes we forget that aggression is a legitimate part of dementia. Finding suitable activities is the key to change her angry mood. For instance, the Montessori Approach activities often elicit positive engagement when it is on a one-on-one basis. However, you may
not have the time (perhaps a volunteer could help you?). Another intervention would be asking for help; residents love to feel they are contributing: folding clothes, matching socks, washing dishes (plastic dishes), cutting fabric or paper (safety scissors), re-arranging a bookshelf, sorting by colour, or cleaning an old handbag full of surprises (comb, bobby pins, hair rollers, etc).

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