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Hi Everyone,
I have found this website a great resource in planning activities esp for special days.
I have been looking for activities for blind people as its hard for them to participate in all other activities. Any suggestions other than talking books and music would be geatly appreciated.

David 9th Aug 2012 Diversional Therapist
Hi Jasmeet,
try (sensory) activities that suit the other senses i.e. taste, hearing, touch, smell.
For example: food tasting; flower baskets/flower smelling; sensory music CDs; touch kits/bags with different texture balls, objects - try & get your clients to guess what the item is just by touching; hand massages & aromatherapy - just to name a few.

Lorena 19th Jun 2021 Caregiver
Great question from Jasmeet,
I’m in same situation, looking into suggestions from Dave,,
Thank you much Appreciated.
P.S. Thank much to this golden care app.
Susan 20th Jun 2021 Activity Director
Hi David
Thank you for your suggestions
Susan 20th Jun 2021 Activity Director
Hi Lorena and others
Have you seen activities for the visually impaired
Maybe some of these activities will be useful to you
Lorena 26th Jun 2021 Caregiver
Yes, very helpful indeed!
Thanks so Much,, I will try keep in touch once I use these helpful tips and activities for my special client,, and see where we go from here.
And So greatful for the entire staff that I’m have been following up with on this thread line communication, thank you! Have a blessed wknd.
Sincerely Lorena.
Kerry 27th Jun 2021 Lifestyle Coordinator
I was wondering how others implement culture into their programs. We inky have 9 ppl from different backgrounds 2 from UK, 2 from NZ and 1 from Scotland. These are not too different from ours. 2 others identify as being Aussie. The remaining 2 have advanced dementia and do not attend any activities.
We do the usual theme days, armchair travel but was wondering if there was something else I could be doing
Susan 28th Jun 2021 Activity Director
Hi Kerry
Do you do room visits with those two have advanced dementia??
Have you asked their families what interested them in the past??
Do the other residents enjoy the activities you are doing??
You can ask one or two people from different backgrounds to share some customs with the group

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