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Tania 28th Nov 2019 Occupational Therapy

I am an OTA and have a resident who has had a stroke. Due to this she can not use her right arm or leg, and has aphasia. She also has severe macular degeneration. I am looking for tips and suggestions on possible one on one activities that would be suitable for her. Something that she doesn't need to see, only needs one hand, and doesn't need to use big sentences (as what she wants to say isn't always what comes out).

Thank you, and I am looking forward to hearing your suggestions.
Susan 28th Nov 2019 Activity Director
You need to know what she likes and how you can adapt what she likes to her abilities
You can sing together even if she doesn’t know the words she can ham with you or just listen to music
You can read stories to her such as chicken soup for the soul stories because they are short and upbeat there are also other short stories here at Golden Carers
Make it as interactive as possible another words read a short portion of the story and then ask a yes or no question about what you just read
If she likes trivia you can ask a question and then give her a choice of two answers and let her pick the one she thinks is right
If she used to like word searches you can ask her
If she used to like word searches you can ask her to help you make one
Use a large grid and ask her what topic she wants to do the word search about
Again giving her a choice of two is a good idea
Then you can help her think of words giving her a choice of two if necessary
After you put the words in the red ask her about other letters that she wants to put in the grid
Giving her a choice of two again
When you are done you can make copies of the WORDsearch and distribute them to other residents
Here is an example of a grid you can use
You could use a grid that has the spaces if necessary
Let me know if you need more ideas or further explanations

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