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Ruth 30th Dec 2019 Therapy Assistant
Hello to everyone, I have just joined Golden Carers. I am a therapy assistant in a aged care facility (O.T.A.). I started a poetry reading activity about a few months ago. It has been going quite well. I have been advised to include residents (who are highcare) along with the cognitive residents in the poetry reading group (there are three residents who read to the group as well). Just asking for suggestions on how to provide quality therapy for both groups so that all residents will be engaged for the session.
Thank you.
Susan 30th Dec 2019 Activity Director
I like to do one to one with in a group that is a individualize the poem type for a specific resident or a group of residents so that everyone gets quality attention
Sometimes I ask the higher functioning residents to help the lower functioning ones
I would use simple poetry for a lower functioning residents
I have also helped residents to create their own poems this works especially well for higher functioning residents
Ruth 30th Dec 2019 Therapy Assistant
Thanks so much for your great ideas. I'll see how I go in the next poetry sessions using your suggestions.
Susan 31st Dec 2019 Activity Director
Great thanks glad I could help

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