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Eleri 8th Jan 2020 Manager
Hi there, I'm an activities coordinator in a dementia care home in the UK, my team has recently joined this site and it looks fantastic so far, we're really looking forward to implementing the ideas we have already been able to plan using this site as a guide.
I work on a unit overseeing the wellbeing of 30-40 people, the residents I work with tend to be bedbound and so my activity schedule is largely 1 on 1. I was wondering if anyone else here in a similar position has come up with a creative or helpful way to monitor engagement with their residents? The obvious solution is probably a tick-sheet or tally system, but that feels a little impersonal to me. If anyone has any tips or tricks regarding keeping myself on track and not leaving anyone out, I'd be very appreciative of any advice you have to give.

Thanks, and I look forward to getting to know this community better!
Susan 8th Jan 2020 Activity Director
Here is a form you can use but you will have to put in activities that your residents participated in
You could also use something like this
You could also use the tool kit provided on this site

A good idea is to have an activity cart and include things that most of the residents like then bring the cart in to their room and help them to pick something they might want to do
Eleri 8th Jan 2020 Manager
Thanks so much for your comment! These will be really helpful, and I don't have to start from scratch!
Much appreciated.
Susan 9th Jan 2020 Activity Director
Glad we could be of help and that you are really enjoying this site

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