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Mary Davis 14th Jan 2020
A young lady mentioned using 'a' tablet in your activities group.

You said it saves paper and such.

My question is how do you use '1' tablet with a group?

And what kind of activities can you do with a group and one tablet?

I was thinking you may need at least 5 or so tablets to have an activity with

10-20 or more people. Thanks for any answers you can send.

I am integrating technology into my activities as much as I can and is

comfortable for the residents.

Mary D
Susan 14th Jan 2020 Activity Director
The best way to do this with a bigger group is to connect the tab but to a large screen TV so all can see what’s going on you can do this with an HDMI cord
Then pick an activity or music that all enjoy
I suggest sudoko Word games Luminosity or Other brain games

I have used tablets for people who do not want to join the group activity but you’ll have to figure out a way to keep track of the tablet

You should have the person using the tablet sign something to say that if the tablet gets damaged They are responsible

However accidents do happen but if they signed some thing they will be more careful

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