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Natalia 16th Jan 2020 Social Director
Hi there, I am the activity director at a retirement home and we have always had our lunch scheduled from 12pm - 1pm daily, but as we just recently expanded we have decided to do spilt our lunch times and do two separate lunches for our residents. the first one is from 11:45-12:45 and the second from 1:00-2:00. I am having trouble putting together a calendar of activities that can include all residents regardless of their lunch time, without having to wait until 2:30pm to start programs (we have exercise in the mornings). also, our first dinner seating starts at 4:45. Is there any tips or tricks to use our time most beneficially so that we are able to do long meaningful programs with all our residents collectively.
Susan 16th Jan 2020 Activity Director
I have always had independent leisure activities for times when all the residents were not available to engage in a group activity
Sometimes I also did impromptu activities so whatever those who are available feel like doing that’s what we do
A sing-along and trivia are good activities for these times but you can also have word searches and other somewhat independent activities available for those who want to do with them

I always schedule a big group activity in the afternoon after everyone is done with lunch such as
A religious activity
A big game such as bowling
And another big game such as horse racing

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