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Lisa 29th Jan 2020 Recreation Therapy Aide
I'm new to this site and it's so fantastic with all these ideas! I'm wondering if there are any videos that show an activity from start to finish and how and what to do to keep residents engaged ?
I'm fresh out of school and this is something I have yet to do!
Susan 30th Jan 2020 Activity Director
Hi Lisa
I am still looking into video instructions but engaging the residents is something I can address
First this article on golden Carers is for men however you can use many of these ideas to engage all residents
You need to know your residents likes and dislikes
Also you need to know their abilities
You do not want to provide activities and no one life or that no one can do
You may have to adapt and modify the activities to meet the needs of your residents
I find I need to adapt most activities so that the residents enjoy them
Sometime to get residents who are hesitant to engage in an activity this article may help you with that problem
If you have any more questions feel free to ask them we are here to help
Lisa 3rd Feb 2020 Recreation Therapy Aide
Thanks so much ! This is helpful :)

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