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Jackie 8th Sep 2012 Lifestyle Coordinator
Hi All......I work in Low care as well as a Dementia area, I have a great problem with the noise level in the Dementia area from many aspects ...I try to keep the area quiet, play soft music in the background, I come back 15 minutes later to find the staff have turned off the music & put the TV on & staff are also noisy. How does everyone else handle this situation, I would like to put up a sign but want to word it quite friendly to have the area a QUIET ZONE. All suggestions will be greatly appreciated.
Catherine 8th Sep 2012 Diversional Therapist
Hi Jackie... The staff should know that the more noise that dementia residents are exposed to the more confused they become.
We have had DBMAS come to our facility they are great
They will educate staff & help advise you on any residents that may be having problems with behaviours.
I hope that this may help...
Cristine 4th Mar 2013 Diversional therapist/Nurse
Hi Jackie, I also have problems in the past with noise levels and staff. I had asked staff to be mindful of the noise but with no improvement. I now use laminated signs I put up on entrance doors, and near the nurses station when activities are in progress. The signs say RESIDENT REST TIME QUIET PLEASE...and RESIDENT ACTIVITY IN PROGRESS QUIET PLEASE...these signs have certainly helped to solve the problem.

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