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Diversional therapist/Nurse From Victoria, Australia

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Cristine 15th Jan 2014 Diversional therapist/Nurse


Our ward had it's 35th birthday recently, we had a party and the theme was rock and roll, all the staff and most of the residents dressed up for the party.
Cristine 4th Mar 2013 Diversional therapist/Nurse

Hi Jackie, I also have problems in the past with noise levels and staff. I had asked staff to be mindful of the noise but with no improvement. I now use laminated signs I put up on entrance doors, and near the nurses station when activities are in progress. The signs say RESIDENT REST TIME QUIET PLEASE...and RESIDENT ACTIVITY IN PROGRESS QUIET PLEASE...these signs have certainly helped to solve the problem.
Cristine 3rd Mar 2013 Diversional therapist/Nurse

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