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samantha 16th Feb 2020 Occupational Therapy Student
I am occupational therapist assistant student in level 2 fieldwork.Can I use a busy board with Padlocks and door knobs as an inservice project to improve dexterity and strength. If so should I present a busy board to the inservice where I have to present it the COTAs, OT and PT during fieldwork.
Susan 18th Feb 2020 Activity Director
A busy board could work
I’d like to do things that are more interactive
For example you could use bottles of water Filled with different amounts of water of course the more water the heavier
Then you could have the participants do exercises with the bottle that resemble some thing that is necessary such as exercise to imitate bringing the bottle to their mouth
You could have them move the bottom up from hand to hand
You could have them hold the bottle with just two or three fingers
When I did in service I always like to bring refreshments
So when the participants are done with the water you could pour juice in their bottles
Just the act of picking up a piece of food could help with strength and dexterity
I hope this helps
Good luck if you have anymore questions feel free to ask them

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