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Angie 14th Mar 2020 Activities Coordinator
We have just been put on 'lockdown' here (UK, North East Lincolnshire) as a precaution for the Coronavirus. It hadn't actually reached us yet. But as a precaution, I've had to cancel all booked entertainment to keep the residents safe.
I, as an AC (of mainly dementia residents) I was wondering what
Activities you have in place instead?
I want to help the residents feel stimulated & kept 'busy' at this time. Looking for ideas, can you help?
Warm regards
Susan 15th Mar 2020 Activity Director
Hi Angie
Can you have an entertainer, take just one area or is it too big??
Look at what people part in Sally’s and Dawns posts
Also I would go with your residents favorite activities
Above all keep on a happy face
Those with dementia are very sensitive to your emotions

Elizabeth 16th Mar 2020 Lifestyle And Leisure Director
Hello I feel you, we also close our doors to all public and family for protection, now they are all anxious and worried, I have had to rebuild my calendar and now more than ever; I come with a lot of enthusiasm and lots of fun games that distract them a bit. picnic in the backyard with music and soft drinks, movie night (comedy) with s'more, pig in a blanket, popcorn, drinks. competition with pictures puzzle, familie collage, gardening, karaoke instead of a musician, stand up comedy videos, it's hard to distract them but not impossible, we got this.
Susan 17th Mar 2020 Activity Director
Sounds great Elizabeth
You are obviously a very good activity director
Val 17th Mar 2020 Life Enrichment Coordinator
Hello! We are also locked down.. Talk to your admin. Mine is willing to still pay my entertainers etc if they will do a skype or online show for the residents. This would also work for exercise and craft classes.. It is a double good! Our entertainers are losing a whole lot of money with all of us having to cancel, and our residents will appreciate getting to have a familiar activity.. (also do video calls with family members)
Susan 17th Mar 2020 Activity Director
Good ideas Val
Thanks so much

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