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Katie 17th Mar 2020 Activity Coordinator
Hi all,

I work in a hospital and have a big team of volunteers. I have been asked to pause all volunteers until maybe June. Gulp!

Basically I will be solo covering 3 wards (84 patients). What can I do that is time efficient AND effective and will reach the most patients. Baring in mind most will be in their hospital bed.

Thanks in advance.
Susan 18th Mar 2020 Activity Director
Hi Katie
Can you use the public address system or would that be too disruptive??
If you can you can do activities through the public address system
If not you could make packets of activities for the residents to do
You could have your volunteers call the residents from their home
You could call the residents
You could send the residents cards with activities on them for them to do
You could make sure family members call their loved ones
You could distribute decks of cards because you can probably find them fairly inexpensively if you want you then could give them a paper of all the different card games they could play
I hope this helps

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