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Tracie 18th Mar 2020 Activities Co-ordinator
Our care home has gone into Lock down, no visitors and no outtings and this week due to certain concerns the residents are being isolated in their rooms. We have 38 residents, the majority have dementia. I have been going from room to room distributing Magazines, crosswords, wordsearches and colouring to those that can do these activities but im struggling to think of what else to do with them, a few are happy to chat but others not. I'm currently the only Activities coordinator and i'm pregnant have been advised to keep a safe distance from residents which obviously restricts what i can do with them. Any ideas will be very welcome thanks in advance
Susan 18th Mar 2020 Activity Director
Hi Tracie
Can you use the public address system??
If so you can do activities on the public address system such as joke time or trivia time
You could even do a sing-along
You could also distribute decks of cards because you can buy them pretty inexpensively
You can have family and volunteers call the residents
You could call the residents
You could have them untie and tie knots
You could use the Carers to do activities with the residents as they’re getting them ready
Check out some of the recent post by the members
Good luck

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