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Ashley 24th Mar 2020 Life Enrichment Coordinator
I am currently working in an assisted living center and most of our residents are very independent. For those who are not I would like some kind of print out that will help remind them of what is going on with the COVID-19 situation without scaring them. Some are forgetting why we aren't having lunch in the dining room or having activities as usual. Social distancing is not easy when some residents do not understand or remember. I am the marketer here and I'm helping in other areas at this time. If anyone has something they use for their residents it would be appreciated.
Susan 24th Mar 2020 Activity Director
A simple note hanging in an area of the room that is seen by the resident
You could have them decorated and then hang it up in the room together
You could make a card for them to carry around
You don’t have to mention a covid 19 virus by name but you could just say that the dining room and other areas are closed at the present time Thanks for your understanding
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