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Hilma 1st Apr 2020 Nurse
Does anyone have photos of their armchair travel activity? And how long did your activity go for? I'm thinking of those becoming disinterested.
Susan 1st Apr 2020 Activity Director
The arm chair travel activities usually run about an hour
The way to get people interested and not become disengaged is asking a lot of questions about where ever you are going
I started the activity by asking what we should pack on the trip
Also asking residents about their opinion of anything is good
If you see one resident becoming disinterested focus on them for a bit
I like to talk to a resident at one end of the group and then a resident on a different end of the group

You may also want to use props that can be passed around because that can open up a lot of discussion
You could also serve some food or drink from the region you are talking about
Singing is also a great way to keep everyone engaged
Jean 2nd Apr 2020 Activities Coordinator
I did Italy and strung it out from lunch until evening tea (supper). I also started out by asking them to make a list of items we should pack (I used the white board) One resident suggested she should contact the local kennel to make an booking for her pets We handed out the boarding pass just before lunch, went into lunch with an Italian menu and red and white sparkling grape juice. Back into the lounge, music on and I handed out the word search crossword etc to some, others coloured the material provided. others actually napped in the chairs while this was happening as they have different ability. Afternoon tea at 3PM the tea trolley was panettone (sp?) and grapes. This was followed by a video of parts of Italy, I had one showing vineyards and some wine making so nice scenery for those who weren't into the geography of it then off to evening tea (supper) that was small individual pizza, sandwhiches etc.
The dining room was decorated with pictures from an old calander, Italian scenery, and the posters provided by this site. The lounge was decorated with bunting of Italian flags. Not every resident understood every aspect of the day but they all enjoyed a part of it. It did not matter that some residents did not know that the flags were Italian but they did think that they were 'pretty' I had planned to go to Greece next but that plan has been delayed, I will probably put on the Mamma Mia DVD. I took photos but took them on an internal device that we use so I am not able to transfer them, not all the residents will appreciate the whole concept but many will find one aspect at least enjoyable. Most of my residents enjoyed the pannettone the most.
Susan 2nd Apr 2020 Activity Director
Wow Jean
You really did a nice job
The residents that I have activities with would never last that long
But everyone knows their residents best
Thanks for being such a great activity person
Hilma 2nd Apr 2020 Nurse
Indeed! Jean what an effort. Well done.
Jean 3rd Apr 2020 Activities Coordinator
Don't think of it as 'one activity', think of it as several activities done with a theme eg compiling a list of items to pack (a cognitive activity). Eating Lunch another activity. The crosswords and colouring were handed out to those who normally do something after lunch (depending on each persons ability/preferance.) The video another activity etc. That way it is easy to get through it
Susan 3rd Apr 2020 Activity Director
Good thought Jean
Thank you for that information
Hilma 6th Apr 2020 Nurse
Wonderful! Thank you.

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