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Robert 5th May 2020 Activities Manager
What are we to do for Mother's Day on May 10th? Anybody have ideas?
Susan 6th May 2020 Activity Director
Hi Robert
Read this comment from Kim I am sure it will help you
Gigi 9th May 2020 Director of Recreation Therapy
My TRDs and I made DIY carnations, you can find on pinterest.
Fan fold 8 sheets of square tissue paper, we used 6 pink and 2 white for the inner part.
staple in the center and pull apart each sheet to form a flower. We had some multi-colored pipe cleaners for the stem-glued. made small 'card's made from stock paper cut out with scalloped scissors, 1 hole punch to slip the pipe cleaner thru- twirled the 'stem' around a finger to curl. We wrote happy mother's day and drew a small flower on the card. Finished it with ribbon. And bringing a small individually wrapped chocolate.
We are also face-timing family.

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