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Nick 8th May 2020 District Manager
It would be great to have the "This Day in Time" put onto a horizontal power point so we could display this on a TV screen signage. It would be great to post any informational or trivia type items on this format as an option since a lot of my locations are going digital (non COVID time anyway.
Maurice 8th May 2020
Hey Nick!

Very interesting idea.

We have looked at creating a landscape version of the This Day in History templates, the problem is there's so much information packed onto 1 page that it wouldn't be a lot of fun to try and read on a TV for residents.

Powerpoints famously have very large fonts to make them legible from a distance.

Some other ideas that might help in the meantime:

- You might consider connecting a laptop to the TV, and then you can zoom into the PDF on the laptop so it looks nice a big on the TV, and then scroll to show more info as you work through it together.
- You could provide the PDFs on a tablet device for the resident to use directly. Tablets can be used in portrait mode and zoomed in quite easily with two fingers.
- You may also want to make a print out for each resident, either to use individually or to follow along as a group (or a video feed to social distance)
- Printing them on large format paper, at least A3/Tabloid printer, you could then create a space on a wall for a daily update that people can see, or in residents rooms, etc.

We are actively looking into other ways we can provide this type of content, so I"m sure you'll see some new updates this year :)

Thanks Nick, all the best!

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