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Margo 30th May 2020 Recreational Assistant
Hi everyone
I am working as an Activities assistant in a residential care Home I have just there for 3 months at first I felt so lost not really knowing completely what to do it's only been in the last few weeks where I have made a few mistakes that I am now getting the whole picture of what and how I need to engage with the residents. We work as a small Wellbeing team usually it's 2 of us on or sometimes 3 I am mainly with the residents who suffer with various forms of dementia which has been really difficult interesting and hard sometimes to get them all engaged. I usually have about 6 regular residents that come to the group activities such ball games karaoke. I would appreciate any further group activities ideas for dementia residents thank you.

Susan 31st May 2020 Activity Director
Hi Margo
Congratulations on your position as being an activity assistant
It is hard work but very rewarding
It does take time to get to know the residents
You will learn their abilities and their likes and dislikes
It’s always good to plan activities that rely on the residents strengths rather than their weaknesses
I like to do sing-along’s because Residents of varying abilities can engage and enjoy
in them
Singing utilizes many parts of the brain that’s why it is so good
Residents who do that otherwise speak remember words to many songs and sing
Golden Carers has many activities for those with the dementia
Here are some comfort activities for those with the dementia
Here are some short activities to try
Here is an article about how to plan a music activity
Here are some songs you can sing
These are just some ideas it is best to get your cues from the residents

Margo 1st Jun 2020 Recreational Assistant
Hi Susan

Thank you so much I will be more persistent in the activities and like you not to rely too much on the residents. and let you know how it all goes.
Susan 1st Jun 2020 Activity Director
Hi again Margo
I know you will do well because you’re taking such great interest in your residents
Remember to leave your problems at the door and smile smile smile
Remember most people with dementia relate well to feelings so if you feel good they will feel good
Be enthusiastic and engaging and try to include everyone in someway

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