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Samara 3rd Jun 2020 Internal Program Coordinator
Hello there! Over the past week (and going way further back in our history), we have been seeing in the news the absolute tragedies that have been going on in the USA. As many of my residents are unable to participate in solidarity rallies due to the restrictions that we have on our home to prevent our residents from contracting COVID-19, our residents feel helpless when listening to the news. Has anyone done anything to help their residents feel like their voices can be heard and that they are a part of the blacklivesmatter movement?
Elahe 4th Jul 2020
We call our members and talked to them, it gave them a nice feeling, or you can also continue the classes or activities in social media for example by creating whats app group and join the participants there,
Susan 5th Jul 2020 Activity Director
Thank you for that advice Elabe
I would say do not put the news on
Instead you tell them about the news
This article may help you also

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