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Margo 23rd Jun 2020 Recreational Assistant
Hello to everyone

Just wondered if anyone has any ideas with group singing activities such as sing along karaoke just how to get the residents more interested .?

Susan 24th Jun 2020 Activity Director
There Are many great sing-along activities here at Golden Carers
Matthew 30th Mar 2021

I have started a singing group with residents and they enjoy it a lot.

I have an account with Spotify (Apple Music or YouTube would also be sufficient) and I play songs over a bluetooth speaker. I prepare lyric sheets (just search Google for the lyrics) and print them off for residents so they can sing along if they do not know the song.

Alternatively there are some great compilation albums on CD with you can buy from Amazon etc., with different styles of music, and play these on an ordinary CD player and prepare lyric sheets etc.

Also, if you check YouTube there are loads of videos with music and lyrics that you could play for residents. This would depend on having a smart TV or a laptop you can link up to a TV with an HDMI cable.

Something I have found helpful is having a theme each week, such as country music, musicals, 60's, 70's, etc.

I also have in mind to get some basic instruments for residents to use.

Hope that helps.
Susan 31st Mar 2021 Activity Director
Hi Matthew
Thank you for your input
Jean 1st Apr 2021 Activities Coordinator
I do the same as you Matthew but I use Alexa (as backup) I get the lyrics from the internet and put them into a folder for the residents to use, it works well, all of my residents enjoy a singalong. You just have to make sure that the lyrics correspond to the version on Alexa.
sandra 1st Apr 2021 diversional therapist
Morning we just purchased a karaoke microphone and can link it to my ph via Bluetooth and I just choose songs from U Tube. So much fun!
Susan 2nd Apr 2021 Activity Director
Hi Jean and Sandra
Thank you for sharing what you do
They both sound great and you are lucky you can have the equipment you do
It sounds like you both have a terrific time with your residents and I am sure they appreciate it
Keep up the good work

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