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Abby 28th Jul 2020 Service Coordinator
Hi All,
I just began as a Service Coordinator for a low-income living facility. It has been hard to find activities and engagement activities for my residents during COVID-19, however, have begun using some of the great ideas on this site such as the Bored Board, or Bunker Bingo. I would really love to implement monthly/weekly goody bags, physical activities like puzzles, or books, etc. (not just paper one's) but realized we have no budget (we are non-profit). I would also love to have small events or donations. Have you any of you had luck during COVID? What organizations in your community have you reached out to? What have you received/asked for? Any creative ideas? Thanks!
Susan 28th Jul 2020 Activity Director
Hi Abby
I ran a successful activities by telephone program
I got a grant from the local senior center for a portion of this
I also had some volunteers that helped with the program
There are many free teleconference call services
You can do trivia reminiscing and bingo which was one of our favorites
Abby 30th Jul 2020 Service Coordinator
Thanks Susan. This is helpful. I should definitely look into my local senior center, perhaps they have some resources for me. Thanks!

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