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Robyn 7th Aug 2020 Healthy Ageing Advocate
Hi, apologies if this question has appeared earlier. Can anyone please tell me the difference between a 'Well-Being Assistant' and an "Activity Assistant/Lifestyle Assistant". The impression I have is that 'Well-Being' has more of an Allied health approach (OT, Physio etc) as compared to 'Activity Assistant/Diversional Therapy' ...bit confused...Thank-you!
Susan 8th Aug 2020 Activity Director
A well-being assistant usually supports people in the community
They make sure that their clients get what they need to live as independently as possible
And activity assistant is someone who helps with activities at a nursing home or assisted living
Their role is smaller and less comprehensive then a well-being assistant
Robyn 10th Aug 2020 Healthy Ageing Advocate
Thank you Susan much appreciated!
Robert 10th Aug 2020 Wellbeing Coordinator
Hi I am in UK, previously my role in the care home was activity co-ordinator, now we are known as Wellbeing co-ordinators. The difference is name only but they have identified the need to think of Body, Mind and Soul when organising activities in Dementia care. The fact is I did this anyway as an activity co-ordinator.
My opinion is they have coined a term which can be more far reaching and encompass a wider range of activity. Hope this helped. Rob
Robyn 12th Aug 2020 Healthy Ageing Advocate
Hi Rob, thank you so much. Yes, your reply has definitely helped. All the best, Robyn

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