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Susan 27th Aug 2020 Activity Director
Hi Yvonne and Others struggling to find activities during this coronavirus pandemic
I think distributing playing cards to residents who want them would be a great idea
There are just so many things you can do with a deck of playing cards besides playing solitaire
You can pretend you are two people and play one against the other like in the game of war
You can sort the cards by color by suit by numbers
You can see how fast you can do this and try to improve your time
You can play a hand of cards when you do your room visits
They could even play a hand of cards with their Carers
They could pick two cards and see if they can add them together or do any math operation

Another idea I have is called song remember

You can call it anything you want
Distribute pen and paper to those who are able and have them write down as many songs as they can remember
You could also give them a particular song that you know they know and see if they can sing it to themselves or quietly or write down the words to it
This is good for their memory
Here are some songs with lyrics that you might want to use
You could also have them make up math problems and then put the paper away and do the math problems a different day
You could have them make up their own word search by using this blank grid
They could also make a hidden equation search such as this one
If you need any further explanation of how to do these things or have ideas of your own please share them
Thank you

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