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Sarah 2nd Sep 2020 Engagement Worker
Hi all,

I’ve been asked to think of items to keep in a room for a family member to sleep in if their relative is on end of life.
I’ve got inspirational quote packs, bible, prayer books, poem books.

Any other ideas would be greatly appreciated.

Sarah x
Shelley 2nd Sep 2020 Recreation
music, cd player so they can play favorite music.
Susan 2nd Sep 2020 Activity Director
Hi Shelley
A CD player with music is a great idea
Sara you may want to check this comment out
Ann 8th Sep 2020 Lifestyle & Well-being Assistant
Tea and Coffee making facilities. Magazine. Word searches. Crosswords. Soduku.
Susan 8th Sep 2020 Activity Director
Good idea Ann
Melinda 8th Sep 2020 Client Outreach Coordinator
An oil burner or vaporiser with lavendar oil
Susan 9th Sep 2020 Activity Director
Melinda that’s another good idea
Tawny 10th Sep 2020 Recreation Therapist
What about a list of suggestions on what they can do for their loved one. Some families feel the need to be doing something to feel useful. Lavender lotion for hand massages
Brush their hair
Toothettes for mouth care
Bring family photos to look through to go down memory lane.
Read to them
And a book of what to expect at the end of life’s journey.
A cozy blanket
Tooth brush
Gift certificate to local pizza place or cafeteria
Coffee, tea, bottled water, granola bars

We have a small kitchen island on wheels, with a keurig, that we stock with the above items and other things. It can be rolled right into any room.
Susan 11th Sep 2020 Activity Director
Hi Tawny
These are great ideas
Thank you

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