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Kerry 30th Nov 2012 Recreational Coordinater
I work in a "self care" facility which has 72 apartments there is no documentation on the residents as they are free to do as they choose, many have limited mobility & are on rollaters. We have a beaytifull indoor pool which has rails on the inside of the pool & very easy access in & out. The pool is all one depth & that is a little over waist high. I was considering running a"gentle exercise" group in the pool,I have no training in this area apart from first aid.I would appreciate your comments if you can advise me of any problems I might encounter in running this program. I do not want to over step the boundary of safety.Thank you.

Solange 30th Nov 2012
Hi Kerry, What you need is the approval from management and also from you client's relatives (if the client is not able to give it himself). Once you have the approval I can only advise you to get a couple of volunteers to help you supervise the group. Perhaps you can invite client's relatives to assist you. Regarding exercises, there are many easy and safe movements suitable to older people. For instance: marching on the spot, leg extension, standing on tiptoes (one feet at time), duck feet and pigeon toes, kicking (using pool noodles), bending knees, clapping hands above head, turning upper body to left and right sides, and so on. You should have a safe aid kit nearby just in case. I think it is a great idea of yours to use the pool for the benefit of clients. I am sure that apart from it being good for them they will have loads of fun! Good luck!
Kerry 14th Dec 2012
Thank you Solange for you comments on my Question posted 30th November, I had an idea that would all be involved, I just wanted it verified. i have given consideration the larger group of residents that would miss out on other activities while I was with the small group that would be able to attend pool exercises & have decided not to go ahead with this. Thank you, Kerry.

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