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Adele 14th Sep 2020 Activity Coordinator
I have a chap of 57 with crippling arthritis, he quite often is unable to use his hands or legs. He is mentally alert and mentions he used to play the drums in the big band era. This is a question on the course Im doing. I have to think of a project he can be involved in.
Im obviously thinking Big Band era but im wondering how to involve him, any ideas welcome.
Susan 14th Sep 2020 Activity Director
Hi Adele
I assume this man has decent hearing and can talk fairly clearly
Do you have some kind of a recorder that he could document his thoughts on??
Is there a volunteer who could help him??
Is there another resident who has similar interests that could help him??
He with the help of others or a recorder her design a sing-along that includes songs from the big band era
Julianna 14th Sep 2020 Disability Support Worker And Dementia Carer
Name that tune/drummer/type of drum. Visit music shops.
Jenny 14th Sep 2020 Lead Activities Co-ordinator
At his age I think it would be more 1980s music rather than big band which was more 1940s. So I agree with Julianna memorabilia could work
for him. Are there any drummers near you who would come in to play and if possible and he would be happy to have a tap on the drums again. He may not want to if he is now unable to play.
Patricia 14th Sep 2020 COTAL/Act. Director
Could you speak with your Occupational Therapy Dept. and see if they could modify a drum stick for him to hold?
Susan 15th Sep 2020 Activity Director
Hi Jenny and Julianna
Thank you for your suggestions
Adele 21st Sep 2020 Activity Coordinator
Hi. Sorry ladies had a hectic week. Thank you for your ideas x

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