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Jen Freeman 6th Apr 2009 DT
Yes I totally agree Solange. Within high care the need for individual or very small group activities and therapy is becoming a daily essential. Sensory enrichment, therapeutic touch and positioning -the DT needs to be very close to the resident/s to maintain their focus. Larger group activities can become a waste of energy and cause stress for everybody if several residents need 100% attention otherwise they wander off or start doing something else and their attention is lost.

Small group activities and 1:1 with an individual are much more rewarding and provide opportunities for them to have enough time, space and encouragement to open up and moments for what i call "awakenings". Most of my activities are with one person at a time, or very small groups such as 3-4 people. And i feel that much more is achieved esp person centred approaches. I also find that i enjoy the activities much more as well!

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