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Leaann 6th Oct 2020 Activity Director
Hi everyone, just wanted to share something I am doing next week and thought you might want to 'steal'. Since I can't take my residents to a pumpkin patch, I am bringing the pumpkin patch to them! I reached out to a couple vendors and I have 75 pumpkins being delivered Thursday morning! My Med-Tech owns a farm and is bringing in bales of hay, saddles, a back drop, a scarecrow etc. We are setting everything up in our courtyard as the residents can come outside and pick a pumpkin or two for their room. I will have a pumpkin decorating table and a dessert table with apple cider, pumpkin cookies, muffins etc. I can't wait!
Susan 6th Oct 2020 Activity Director
Wow that is Leanne
You are very lucky that you can do this
Thank you for sharing
If you can send a picture of this that would be great
Gwyneth 6th Oct 2020 Volunteer
Hello Leanne, I am sure the residents will have a lovely time, while reading what you are going to do for them , in my mind I could see it all happening, what a wonderful thing to do, you are very lucky to have "My Med-Tech" who owns a farm, they are wonderful too - 75 pumpkins!!!!! wow
It's going to be a wonderful day for you all . All the best Gwyneth
Pam 7th Oct 2020 Activity Director
what a great event.
Kendra 14th Oct 2020 Administrator
Wonderful idea!

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