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Betty 6th Oct 2020 Community Engagement Lead
The government is currently looking at funding more Home Care Packages for people to continue ageing at home. A lot of elderly people are living at home alone with Home Care Packages, visiting twice weekly to every day twice a day. Depends on the needs of the clients. A lot of isolation comes with the loss of driving licenses. Family members are too busy with own lives the elderly person does not want to be a burden to anyone.
Do you have any ideas for activities that these people who live alone and are socially isolated may be able to do themselves or with a caregiver who may be visiting for a short time.
I would like others comments
Thank you

Susan 7th Oct 2020 Activity Director
Hi Betty
I am not sure if these people have iPads or computers
If they do you could set up a zoom conference or a Skype call
You could also have a special Facebook group for them
If this is too much set up a teleconference
I am sure you can do one for free as long as the residents are able to use the phone
I had a group and we played bingo over the phone but there are many things you can do over the phone like trivia reminiscing etc
You could send these people cards and have them make simple cards to send other people
You could send them activities in the mail or have the caregiver bring them
Make sure they are Some thing that the clients could do
Pam 7th Oct 2020 Activity Director
I have brought my mom home with me since covid 19 . She was in a Assisted Living Center and she has a DX. of Alzhiemer's I work during the day and have a sitter while I am work but at night we do trivia, I will ask her riddles, trivia questions and pair words/married words. Pair words I call out the first word and she will finish the phrase. I do this in a way she doesn't realize why I am asking her if she knew why I was asking she would not answer any questions. I record reflections on TV and turn that on for mom until she gets tired watching it. . She loves game show network and we watch family fued and Americas Says together and we both answer the questions. Maybe this will keep both of our minds working. :) Also adult coloring books. I hope this may help a little.
Susan 7th Oct 2020 Activity Director
Wow Pam
This sounds great
Maybe you can leave some thing for the sitter to do while you are at work
Keep up your good work

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