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Lisa 12th Oct 2020
hi All,
I have 32 residents with varying degrees of dementia. I struggle to engage with our residents with limited vision and hearing, any ideas welcome? Also looking for some inexpensive sensory ideas.
Elisa 19th Oct 2020 Senior Activity Coordinator
I love using yarn with people who have visual impairment because there are many different textures. If they want to we might learn to make pom-poms or wind it up.
Lately I have been thinking about using fingermazes but have not gotten one yet.
And for those with hearing loss but preserved vision I just find books with photos, reminiscence cards or print and laminate photos of things they would like.
At the moment I have a lady who gets a new photo of herself and a photo of a baby every Wednesday and keeps them in a box she looks through every day. And another lady who just goes through her bag of yarn breaking it into small pieces.
Susan 20th Oct 2020 Activity Director
Great ideas Elisa
I also like tangling up and untangling yarn

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