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milena 19th Nov 2020
Hello.Im from Macedonia, im a Social worker and i have a question about those who work in nursing homes. Of course until now the weather conditions allowed us to visit outdoors and through the balcony, but as time goes by it would be more difficult. Do you have any idea what the protocols for visiting the elderly indoors.
Thank you
Susan 19th Nov 2020 Activity Director
Hi Milena
I would ask the facility you are going to watch their procedure is
Perhaps you can go in their room and open the window
Most residents have a coat for the cold weather
If you have a time constraint perhaps the staff can get the resident ready for you
milena 20th Nov 2020
However, I think in a pandemic it is best for the family visit to be in the salon at a distance and with a screen between the user and the family, of course wearing a protective mask and using a disinfectant.
Susan 21st Nov 2020 Activity Director
Sounds like a good idea Milena

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