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Stacey 4th Jan 2021 Activity Coordinator
I'm going to be out of the service for 9 days very shortly and I'm now the only Activity Co-Ordinator in the business. I was wondering what sorts of 121 things others have left for carers to do in their absence. I tried very hard to prepare some quick and easy quizzes and games for the last two times I was on annual leave but they weren't done. We can't do group activities in our home at the moment.
Nicola 4th Jan 2021
Hi I am on annual leave from the 11th of this month so I am in the same position. I am currently making individual activity packs which are personalised for each individual person. So for one of my service users, she likes to knit so as well as the usual I have attached a couple of new knitting patterns for her to give a go while I am away.
In these packs I have also put individual note books for any one to write in so that when I return I can use these to update the care plans.
Susan 5th Jan 2021 Activity Director
Hi Stacey
I like Nicolas idea of individual packets for each resident
However those with dementia need someone to help them initiate the activity and remind them to continue to do it because their attention span is pretty short
In the US the department of Medicare and Medicaid services has said in 2005 that all staff members are responsible for activities I do not know what things are like where you live
This is a good way to start a conversation about those who are going to help with activities it should really be everyone
Motivation is difficult for staff and residents
So how do you motivate staff to do some kind of activities while you are gone
I am sure you have a great list of activities that the staff can do but as I said the trick is to get them to do it
I would try to have some rewards system for those helping with activities
Do you have residents who are with it enough to know what other people are initiating activities
Maybe you can get some residents to help you out
Remember activities do not have to be complicated and you’re not doing group activities a simple hello or a brief conversation with a resident is considered an activity
I Like to give the residents a deck of cards because there is a lot they can do with that

You could promise to hand out gift cards of some sort so when you return if you see that activities were done
And hand out the cards to those you think were most helpful
Hopefully the administrator or Leader of the facility will back you up
Lowana 5th Jan 2021 Leisure & Lifestyle Manager
I have created an after hours/weekends activities resource boxes for each section when my Lifestyle girls are not working. I have inside:
-Quiz books
-Adult Coloring
-whiteboard markers for work games ect
-chair exercise DVD's
-Audio story books to play
-Documentaries and movies
-Reminisce cards
-pamper supplies like nail polishes
-physical items like pool noodles and balloons ect
Hope this helps :)
Susan 5th Jan 2021 Activity Director
Hi Lowana
Two staff members use this after hours box
Do they keep it in order or do you have to restock
This seems like a good idea if the staff is willing to use it and not mess it up
Stacey 8th Jan 2021
Thank you all for the suggestions. Fortunately after some consideration there will now be a carer dedicated to the Activity role for 4 days while I'm away. I've also put together activity booklets for the residents and, as always, some simple resources carers can use. Lowana I love your idea but Susan I tend to agree with your statement. It's very difficult to get others involved. Your suggestion of rewarding staff is a lovely one but unfortunately not something which would be approved by management as it's an expected part their roles anyway. Hopefully over time we'll get there. I feel much better knowing that there'll be someone dedicated to the role for a few days at least.
Susan 10th Jan 2021 Activity Director
Hi again Stacey
I am glad this worked out sort of
Hopefully the staff will realize how important activities are and how they can be a part of them

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