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Melissa 13th Jan 2021 Activity Co Ordinator
My client with dementia has a new ipad. Please can people tell me what apps I can download. Many thanks
Susan 14th Jan 2021 Activity Director
Hi Melissa
To tell you good apps to use I need to know what level of dementia he is at
Also will he be able to use the iPad by himself or will somebody be helping him??
Well he have to wear head phones??
Also this is helpful to know - what type of things he likes to do??
Melissa 19th Jan 2021 Activity Co Ordinator
Sorry that would have been a good idea. She is a highly intelligent lady who has worked all her life so has no hobbies. She is a Baroness and OBE and very much into politics. She spent some time in the house of lords. She is religious too. She did enjoy her gardening. Thanks
Susan 19th Jan 2021 Activity Director
What is the purpose of her using the iPad
Is it keep her busy??
Is it to increase her cognition??
It sounds like an app about politics
Item not know what politics are in their country but their must be an app for that
Maybe she can use the notepad to write comments
Maybe she could join Facebook and express her opinions

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