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Brenda 21st Feb 2021 RAO
I have recently started a new position as a RAO in a dementia wing.

I am trying to navigate through the new role and i am solely trying to get the residents in a group position to begin a activity.
I feel defeated as I am chasing my tail trying to structure and place residents in position to start the activities.

How do I navigate through this ?

Thank you for any feedback or ideas .
Susan 22nd Feb 2021 Activity Director
Hi Brenda
Congratulations on your new role
Can the Carers help you??
Do you have any staff or volunteers to help??
How many residents are you trying to bring??
Put on some music or a TV show while the residents wait for everyone to get there
Put some thing for the residents to color while they are waiting
LeAnn 22nd Feb 2021 Activity Director
Hi Brenda. I work in memory care and I honestly couldn't get everyone gathered without the help of a caregiver or two. See if you can enlist their help. I know they are very busy so the more organized it is the more likely they will be willing to help you for a few minutes. Good luck!
Susan 23rd Feb 2021 Activity Director
Hi Brenda
As I said before you need some help
Thank you Leann for emphasizing this
You can tell the caregivers that their life will be easier if the residents are engage in an activity rather than not
Show them it’s better for them to help you initially for a reward later
Perhaps there are some family members that can help you

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