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Bernard 28th Feb 2021 Retired Teacher Of English
I have been thinking about scrabble by email.

Would it to too difficult . I have found out this :

It can be played single vs single but I, as a single could play against a small group of your residents who could get together and the whole group would imagine one name; therefore depite playing versus a group, I would imaginatively be playing against one person . They could build up a group and play as if they were one person.They could call the group AWAHTG (= Australian (Australia's) Way Around Half The Globecall the group name they One go wold be English/English, the next go might be French/French. They are a lot better than me at English and conversedly. I've called myself FWAHTG (French Way Around Half The Globe. The email address for that activity would be [email protected].
Click on the link and fill up the windows, ilf you please.



PS : Date and time over here : Paris (I live in Wattrelos, 10 miles from Lille and half a mile from the Belgian border) Saturday 27th February 9.33 pm // Sidney, Sunday 28th February 6.33 a&m.

Ps : Oddly enough, I was talking to an Australian man who is a member of the same organization as one those I am involved in. He said he lived quite near the famous Coral Reef and that the heat was barely bearable.

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