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Jackie 30th Jan 2013 Lifestyle Coordinator
Hi all .....Has anyone had any success with games on the Nintendo Wii & can you name your most popular games. I work with all different levels of dementia residents.
debbie 1st Feb 2013
Hi, I have just purchased a wii for our site along with wii sports. It has boxing, golf tenis and ten pin bowling. The bowling seems to be the most popular. If it becomes sucessful i will consider Mario Kart which is a racing car game. The clients at our day centre seemed to be intersested in this as it reminded them of the days when they drove their own car. So the verdict is still out and I guess time will tell. They were not as enthusiastic as I had hoped. I think the technology frightened some , how ever the controls are reasonably easy if you have the clients who are able to operate the controls.
Hope this is helpful.

Cheers Debbie
Kate 3rd Feb 2013 leisure&Lifestyle assistant
Hi Jackie - we introduced the residents to the WII games and the response was 50/50 due to lack of confidence etc but the few residents that did try enjoyed the ten pin bowling the most, sometimes tennis while the Aussie tennis open was on. We are having a TV mounted on the wall in the "gym" area so that might inspire more residents to have a go good luck kathy
Debra 4th Feb 2013 activitiesco_ordinator
Hi Jackie. I'm sure they had the most funny experience watching me play golf, with this they had more enthusiasm to play bowls and tennis.
Golf was a bit hard for them. Having a commpetition with prizes and participation works well too. Good luck Debbie nz
Karen 5th Feb 2013
We have had a wii in our day centre for some time, which the Clients enjoyed - however some had trouble with co ordinating the controls. Just recently we have purchased an X Box kinnect - which has proven to be a huge hit! There are no controls required and it seems to be alot easier for them to use. Probably the favourite game would be 10 pin bowling. Sometimes we have a blue vs red team, where Clients can cheer on their team members with coloured streamers - this often gets very noisy ... but is certainly alot of fun & enjoyed by all :-)

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