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Emma 1st Mar 2021 HCA
Hi, I work in a hospital with patients who have varying degrees of cognitive functioning problems, and we have been having problems with patients throwing things so we can't use anything hard......I'm struggling to come up with ideas for activities that will not injure us if we are hit with it until everything goes back to normal. I would really appreciate some ideas.
Thank you.
Susan 2nd Mar 2021 Activity Director
Hi Emma
The first thing that comes to mind is Nerf balls etc.
Linda has suggested this
Pool noodle as a bat, craft foam balls or sponge ball
try and get your sponges in orange, or lime green as visually impaired see these colours better
You can also play games with balloons
Dav 9th Mar 2021 Carer For My Mother
It's not clear why they are throwing things. Are they expressing frustration? Do they enjoy the calamity?

Movement activities are best in this case: Mimicking, dancing, clapping. There is energy used up, which makes sitting down activities easier to cope with.

If you are looking for art activities, try paper and string. Folding, knotting, tearing and stickers. Some other art materials are also soft, like straw, pipe cleaners, cellophane and foam.
Susan 10th Mar 2021 Activity Director
Hi Dav
These are wonderful suggestions

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