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Mandy 11th Mar 2021 Teacher
Hi. I would very much like some more help please.

I have done some initial research and shared information with my students on the types, causes and symptoms of dementia. Thank you to Golden Carers for your assistance, the students found the links very helpful. They also found the link on activities for people with dementia helpful.

Would it be possible for you help me with another query:

1) Examine the effects on dementia on people who have the condition.
Are there links to any useful websites / information about this please?

2) If possible, please provide approximately 6 - 8 Case study examples of elderly people (no names) in a residential care home with different types of dementia / different medical issues, so that I can use these case studies with the students who can then consider suitable activities for different elderly people in a care home.

3) Explain the concept of person-centred care?
What factors are considered for people who have dementia to maintain quality of life and wellbeing?

Students will need to research the above questions.

Susan 11th Mar 2021 Activity Director
Hi again Mandy
For people with dementia have many different symptoms and no two are really the same
Their personalities can be the same as before or vastly different
Some people display problem behaviors That sometimes the cause can be found and sometimes it cannot
These articles might help you with that
managing problem behaviors
These articles do contain case studies
If they don’t give you enough information about the individual let me know which one you are talking about and perhaps I can share some more information
How toprovide person centered care
maintain old interests and lifestyles.
gain as much information from the resident as well as their family and friends so that you can tailor a plan to meet their needs physically, mentally and spiritually. It’s not always easy but very worthwhile.
Here are some examples

activities or things that interest the person. For example, we don't want to only have Bingo as an activity when Sally finds no purpose and has no interest in bingo. How can you be more person centered with Sally? That would be to find out what she used to enjoy doing/currently enjoys and tailor activities to fit what she would like to do. You could also find out more about her past job/career and offer meaningful activities based on what she used to do.

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