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Mandy 11th Mar 2021 Teacher
May I ask if anyone has an example of a care plan (without a name in it) that I can show students.

Also any template to help them plan out activities for a patient with dementia.
What do they need to consider when planning an activity for a dementia patient?

Thank you
Susan 11th Mar 2021 Activity Director
Hi again Mandy
Here is an article about care plans
Use the ideas in this article to develop a care plan
Remember these care plans are supposed to be individualized
Remember to use the basics of writing a care plan
This article may help.
Use this general format but you’ll have to change it to reflect things you want to do with and for your residents
You may find the tool kit helpful also.
I think I answered the question about how to design activities in the last question you asked

Susan 11th Mar 2021 Activity Director
Hi again Mandy
There is another article that might help you
Mandy 11th Mar 2021 Teacher
Thank you Susan for taking the time to direct me to resources which will help the students to have an overview of what a care plan is and how to produce activities for elderly residents.

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