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Leona 11th Feb 2013 ECA/DT
We have a dementia programme everyday between 3-5pm, some of the residents are able to see and do activities, two are vision impaired, one non comprehends anything, There are between 10 and 12 people on any one day, what activities cna I actually do to include everybody, not just talking and reminicing, any comments and help would be most appreciative.
Leona 14th Feb 2013 Diversional Therapist
Hi Leona, Same name and same passion. Why don't you set up a couple different activity tables so that they can wander from activity to activity as they normally have poor concentration. Try a games table, sorting activities, folding of washing, even have a table set up with some vegetables to peel or some sandwiches to make. I have made lots of various match games and word games for them to play. What about an afternoon tea, encourage the residents to help set the table use table cloths, get them to fold serviettes, and you can even prepare an afternoon tea with them. Use tea pots and encourage them to make their own tea and assist those who can't. try music therapy, dance with them, go for walks in the garden, or even hose the garden. Remember they used to do lots of things during their lives and it is amazing what they can still do. They especially like feeling useful. Your resident who does not comprehend requires some individual time and the key is to find out past interest. Good luck and enjoy your residents. Leona

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