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Leona 6th May 2015 ECA/DT


any comments welcome please
How might your own personal values and attitudes regarding leisure recreation and play impact on your role as a leisure and health worker..........
Leona 28th Nov 2014 ECA/DT


How can one determine appropriate intervention strategies.? Any suggestions ?
Leona 14th Jan 2014 ECA/DT


Hi I am the facilitator for a sundowners group and am running out of things to do with them, their cognitive stages vary and keeping them occupied three times a week for two hours is becoming very difficult, things I do karaoke, manicures, hand massages, reminiscing etc, anybody got any other ideas, quiz and puzzles don't work anymore. Thanks for a wonderful website.
Leona 14th Jan 2014 ECA/DT


Thanks for a wonderful website.
Leona 11th Feb 2013 ECA/DT


We have a dementia programme everyday between 3-5pm, some of the residents are able to see and do activities, two are vision impaired, one non comprehends anything, There are between 10 and 12 people on any one day, what activities cna I actually do to include everybody, not just talking and reminicing, any comments and help would be most appreciative.