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Alicia 8th Apr 2021 Recreation Facilitator
Hi Everyone,

I need some ideas to help my seniors feel useful. We do activities and games with them. I know some of them would enjoy helping do something. We can't have them cook together yet becuase of covid. But, there must be something. Simple chores? a way for them to feel like that are still important and contributing.
Susan 9th Apr 2021 Activity Director
Here are some ideas Alicia
small chores such as napkin folding and maybe setting the tables, it may promote independence. Also small jobs in the reception areas such as stamping envelopes etc could help
Have you tried folding tea towels and putting them in a basket or sorting a basket of socks?
Other laundry ideas
laundry folding. I picked up cheap towels, pillow cases and infant clothes at Goodwill. We also have oodles of bandanas left over from a barbecue. They are lightweight and easy to fold. A laundry basket is a must to stack the folded laundry. Men have even helped with this chore. I always ask the residents if they would mind helping with the laundry.
Maybe they could hang shirts on hangers Occasionally I have said that we were collecting donations of clothes
Here is another idea

plastic cutlery, knives forks and spoons and ask the resident if they will help me sort them into a cutlery tray, I use a cutlery tray that is a contrasting colour. The residents always enjoy sorting it.
Here is some thing else ask them to help you do this

box of beaded necklace and i mix them up so they are tanlged and get the ladies to untangle them for me make sure they are differnt colours they really enjoy them and then fiddle with them once they are sorted.
Maybe you could give them a drawer with a lot of things mixed in it and ask them to straighten it out
Let me know if you need more ideas

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