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Sally 13th Feb 2013 Rec Therapy Assistant
Alternative to Valentine's Day? I found most residents I work with are not keen on Valentine's Day, especially as many have lost their spouse, so could you please included some alternative activity resources, such something based upom "C" Day when Australia change over to decimal currency in 1966? Thanks.
Suzette 15th Feb 2013 Lifestyle Co-ordinator
Sally as an alternative to Valentine's Day, Friendship Day works well. I have run Friendship Days for years with great success. Ideas: Make a card for a friend, pass on a good deed, give your neighbour a hug, make a phone call to a friend,let family know how much they mean, poems, jokes lots of flowers etc. We have red heart shaped bags full of Chocolate to hand out. We leave chocolate all over the facility including nurses station. Staff wear "I need a hug" signs on their backs. Great opportunity to build a sense of belonging. Always a chance for reminiscence - some times a little sad but healing also.
Solange 15th Feb 2013
Another alternative for Valentines would be a craft session making simple gifts for volunteers, friends and family. For instance, 'International Nurses Day' is coming up in May. It is wise to cultivate their friendship with a party in honour of their hard work. Use Valentine's Day to make homemade souvenirs; anything your clients are able to do will be appreciated, such as book marks, pencil holders, herb potpourri, painted pet rocks, clay magnets, a succulent plant on a small pot, a framed, on-the-job photo.

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