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Kristie 26th Apr 2021 Leisure & Lifestyle Supervisor
HI Everyone,

just wondering if anyone would be able to share a care plan for our new pet bird, or point me in the right direction. Thanks
Susan 26th Apr 2021 Activity Director
Hi Kristie
I am not sure exactly what you meant
Did you mean a plan of care for the bird??
Did you mean how the residents interact with the bird??
There are some articles about care plans and Golden Carers
Karen 27th Apr 2021 Activity Coordinator
So we have 3 budgies, 1 finch, and 1 cockatiel. I have assigned the "critter chores" to one specific shift. Every day they give fresh water and food, change the bottom of the cage-(lined with newspaper), and give them a spray bath. I guess it depends on the type of bird, but we clean the cages everyday as they tend to throw their food around, and they lose their little fluffy feathers a bit, and of course they poop alot. They will also need to have their claws trimmed from time to time, and we keep their flight feathers trimmed in case they escape-which they have done numerous times...Hope this helps!!
Susan 27th Apr 2021 Activity Director
Hi Karen
Thank you for this useful information
Kristie 28th Apr 2021 Leisure & Lifestyle Supervisor
Thank you for all the information.
Karen, that is what i was looking for a task list of things to do do for the birds and how often. Would like it to be able to be checked off each day to say that these things have been completed. Thanks for all your help.

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