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Michael 27th Apr 2021 Activities

Hello, my name is Michael I am the new Activities Director at Symphony Circle Active Living. It's an independent living facility for the elderly. The previous Activity Director took part in the residents during Armchair Travels the last Friday of the Month from 2:30-4 during our happy hour time. I am trying to fit all of the information in that time slot, while also trying to create my own PowerPoint Presentation. Any suggestion on short videos that could be recommended. This upcoming Friday we are going to France.
Also, any ideas on craft ideas or any suggestions of what I can do for my residents.
I'm new at this position and going in blind with coming up with my own ideas of what we could do.
Thank you :)
Susan 28th Apr 2021 Activity Director
Hi Michael
Congratulations on your new position
Being an activity director can be challenging
I say if somethings working then keep it
You don’t have to change everything and you should get input from the residents
Will take you at least three months to get to know everybody
Thank you for reaching out to us
Ideas about France
Use the parts that you think will work with your residents
And congratulations again let you us know how it works out
Michael 29th Apr 2021
I should of mention before being an Activities Director I was one of the concierges in our facility. So, I know all the residents extremely well :).
Yesterday we had an Ice Cream Social for the Birthday's in the month of April. We had an excellent turn out! We only have less than 20 residents in our facility and 3/4ths of them showed up yesterday!! The last Activities Director maybe only got half or less to come to any events.
I just would like to make this my own as well!!
I talk to our Chef that works here and he wants to do a Crepe Demo for the travel, and give a little history background about the Crepe. I think that is a wonderful idea.
Thank you so much for the the congrats too :)!
Susan 29th Apr 2021 Activity Director
Hi Michael
It sounds like you are doing a great job
You asked about arts and crafts activities so here are some want to try
Let me know what else you might need or if you have some ideas you want to share with others
Thank you in advance

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