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Christina 1st May 2021 Lifestyle Assistant
Hi there
I am part of the Leisure and lifestyle team at our age care facility.
One of my passions is to build up the existing Art program we currently have. The art session only runs for 45 mins.
The residents really enjoy colouring which is wonderful and will continue to provide this for those that want to do it. I'm at a point where I don't know where to begin introducing more than colouring. We have done a little paint work like printing, hand painting and stick figure drawing and recently made pompom chicks which they really enjoyed but it's just here and there. I'm open to any suggestions on how to build a really great program that will interest the residents and give them confidence that they can draw, paint etc but also be respectful that they are adults and not make it too babyish. Looking forward in hearing back from you.
Kind regards

Darlene 11th May 2021 Supervisor
Hi Christina,
I'm a program coordinator for people with differing abilities. The participants really enjoyed
a activities we created at our campus ,using large canvas and a still life photo ,paint or watercolors to repaint what they see. The best recreated painting will be displayed in the
building for a Month with a certificate. Your can also use shaving cream and watercolor
paints to make a tie dye painting. A you tube video will show you how with more details.
Hope this helps!
Susan 11th May 2021 Activity Director
Hi Darlene
Thanks for your input
Your ideas sound really great
Susan 11th May 2021 Activity Director
Hi Christina
Look through these ideas on golden Carers
See if any would be appropriate
Christina 12th May 2021 Lifestyle Assistant
Hi Darlene
Thanks. Love that idea. A lot of the residents were previously artist or enjoyed art and now they seem to have lost confidence in drawing or painting.
And thankyou Susan for the feedback.

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