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Sarah 7th May 2021 Engagement Worker
Has any one heard of the game “pig goes pop?” Would you say that this is too babyish for an elderly resident who used to be a pig farmer and just loves everything to do with pigs?
Susan 8th May 2021 Activity Director
Hi Sara
I am not too familiar with the game but I saw a YouTube video about it
It looks like a game that is played with children or with family
Have you actually tried the game with the resident??
If this person likes the game and it keeps him engaged then I think would be OK
However you need to write a very good note about how the resident enjoys this game and how it keeps him engaged
The note about it and the care plan for are critical
Heritage 19th May 2021 Marketing
Hi there!
I think the important thing here is whether the resident in question enjoys the game, and is engaged with it. If that is so, that is all that matters. Whether something is babyish or not is subjective- remember, we are here for the residents- that is our priority- not what others may think.
Just make sure you write good notes.
Susan 20th May 2021 Activity Director
Hi Heritage
Thank you for your input

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